1. Dark Paradise

I love Lana and all her songs, but this is my favorite.
Every single quote is fantastic, it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

2. National Anthem

This song is catchy, has a good beat and great lyrics.

3. Serial Killer

This song is about a girl who sees herself as a serial killer because she makes these men fall in love with her and then she breaks their hearts.

4. Salvatore

Definitely the most beautiful song on the Honeymoon album.

5. Body Electric

I feel like this song is embracing fame and art (Elvis, Marilyn,) but also the negativity of that (suicide, heaven).

6. Queen of Disaster

It's so catchy and it really stands out from the rest of her songs.

7. Carmen

It really gives an insight into her past and her involvement in drugs and alcohol.

8. Blue Jeans

This song is about someone that was taken away from Lana by others.
It's musically beautiful and the lyrics tell a story and the song is full of emotions.

9. West Coast

West Coast is about empty love: the kind where you spend time with each other, but never open up

10. Summertime Sadness

This is the first song I heard from her and I love It! :)

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