We all know fall as the season of pumpkin spice lattes and sweater weather. But another thing to consider when It comes to fall is fall fashion. It can be difficult to find the perfect outfit. Especially when it is hot like summer one day and cold the next. That is why I decided to share a few of my favourite outfit inspirations with you for school casual weekends and for just getting coffee with the girls. hope you enjoy.

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So one of my fall favourites for a cooler day would have to be sweaters weather it is just a full on sweater or a cardigan. These are great for school or even just a casual Saturday.

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A great way to wear sweaters is getting an of shoulder knitted sweater and wearing it with a lacey bra I think definitely takes it up a notch and makes it way cuter.

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Another great way to wear sweaters is to pair them with denim weather it is a jean jacket or just plain ripped jeans it looks great.

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On that note, denim is great with pretty much everything and is a wardrobe essential.

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Moving on, red is anther huge trend that can be lots of fun this fall.
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Another cool fun thing to incorporate into our outfits this fall is flowers. I personally love this one. It is great for a hot or cool day depending on the piece and it is just so cute and easy, it's perfect.

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And now the obvious plaid flannels, Which I am also obsessed with this fall. They are a great pull over if it is a bit chilly out or you can just tie them on at the waist which is also super cute. Plaid scarves are also a must have.

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SCARVES are a huge deal for fall and they pretty much speak for themselves:

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Last but definitely not least. WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. You look best when you feel beautiful.