Why not?

Hi, I am a 17 year old student from Greece and I am "About to be a senior". Incredible. Here are some thoughts. (If you actually read this you have so much time on your hands) ((Oh and thanks in advance))

With school starting very soon and with the realization that I will no longer be a teenager approaching, I have started thinking about this specific time period of one's life. I was having a very interesting conversation with some friends a couple of days ago. In our little group of five, three just finished school last year and two, my best friend and I, are about to endorse in our senior year.

It appears that my fear of all this ending is not irrational, but rather very rational and common. I do realize that it is just a phase that people go through and have been going through for quite a while, but I can't help but deny myself of seeing the bigger picture.

Subjectively, finishing school is something we have all been waiting for since we realized school could potentially get difficult. I have been so eagerly waiting to finally be a senior and know that I have less than a year left. Now, though, that I am dangerously close to the "real life" I was promised was full of freedom and driving and money, I am terrified.

Our entire conscious life revolves around the secure environment of school. The security of a classroom, of a routine, of classmates and potential friends. We always had something to expect and achievable goals that our minds could grasp the essence of. Now, after we take our final exams and (hopefully) get accepted into a university, I am unsure of what we are supposed to do. Of what I am supposed to be doing after all this. In my mind it always kind of went like this, goal wise:

1. Study
2. Get a good grade in the final exams
3. Get into a university
5. Work so you can get some money

Alas, deep in my heart, this is something I still want and hope to do, even though, believe me, I fully comprehend the immaturity of my thoughts and the impossibility of my dreams coming to fruition. Back to my point, I see my friends getting lost in the abyss of the idea of adult life. They are either incredibly happy to know that they can leave their house and stay by themselves and drive a car and have their own job and earn their own money and go to classes and live that college life, or are depressed because of the uncertainty of their future and the violent realization that they have to take care of themselves and stand on their feet with no notable assistance.(Even though in Greece we kind of rely on our parents until we're 30)

Anyway, this is getting long and I am currently procrastinating making sure to ruin my chances of achieving goal number 2. If you read this sorry for wasting your time and I hope you have a great..life. Yeah :)