"My name is NO,
My sign is NO,
My number is NO"

Hahaha...Sorry guys, but I could not leave this joke. :D (In fact, I am not a Meghan Trainor fan. lol)

I have been using this site for a long time, but I think it is the most useful useful update!!! We can express ourselves and we can get to know each other. By this idea I would like to share some basic information about myself. :)

My name is Viktória (in English: Victoria).
I am 18 years old. My birthday is third in November.
I live in Slovakia but my native language is Hungarian. So my english is not so good and sorry for the many grammar mistakes!
As you can see in my short introduction, I love football. My favorite team is FC Bayern München and I support to the German Natoinall team too.
Books and music are my life. Yeah, I know it sounds like a cliche, but it is true. I love spend my free time with reading some interesting book. My favorite genres, types are: romantic, new adult, young adult, fantasy, drama etc. I have lots of favorite book, but my best trilogy is the Ruby Red Trilogy! If you want, I can write about it or another books.
As for the music...Quickly just some of my favorites: 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, Clean Bandit, DNCE, Imagine Dragons, Justin Timberlake, OneRepublic, Our Last Night, Panic! At The Disco etc. Oh, just now I realized that I have soooo much favorites, so if you want, I can write a article about this. i think I will really enjoy it!! :D *-*

In the end the series. Yes, I am a series lover. According to my opinion, the best series are: Shadowhunters, The Flash, Riverdale etc. By the way, I love korean series!!! Omg this list is infinity too. :D Maybe this is going to be an article.

Huh, it is a little bit long!

But the main thing: I love talking with my followers, meet new people, so feel free to text me or send me a poscard (I will definitely respond!).

P.S.: If you read this, you are cute! Thank you! ❤