- My name' s Maria Antonietta and I don't really like my name.
- I was born on July 4th, I like this date but I really like to celebrate birthday much less.
- My zodiac sign is cancer and my ascendant is scorpion. I feel closer to the scorpion characteristics.
- I'm Italian and i'm in love with my country and italian language, but
I also like French and I hope I can learn it one day.
- I love literature and Italian classical authors. Instead, the not Italian authors I really appreciate are Arthur Rimbaud, William Shakespeare, Charles Baudelaire and Fëdor Dostoevskij.
- I can draw and I love art. My favorite painter are Magritte, Monet, Munch. "The Lovers" by Renè Magritte is the painting I prefer.

This is my "Art" collection

- My favorite colors are green, orange and black. One thing I often do is write all the color coordinates on my moleskine.

- I also like to take photos with my Canon or my Iphone.
- I don't have a music genre that I love in particular but I'm never tired to listen punk, rock or grunge music. Here is the link of one of my spotify playlist if you want to check it out: spotify:user:calabrese.mariaantonietta:playlist:2981zym3NWrrx461Jdst2c
-My favorite singer is Lana Del Rey and I've all of her CDs and Ultraviolence and Honeymoon vinyls. Lana's voice is pure magnificence, it remind me to the singing of a mermaid.
- My favorite movie is "Le fabuleux monde d'Amelie"
- The actresses I love are Eva Green, Brigitte Bardot, Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, Emma Watson, Phoebe Tonkin and I really appreciated Kirsten Dunst in "Marie Antoniette" . I collect the most beautiful pictures of these actresses in my "Girls" collection.

- I'm not a constant person so I can't finish any TV series. However I watched the first two seasons of Pretty Little Liars, three seasons on five of Orange is the new black, and the only TV series that I've finished (in two days) is 13 Reasons Why.
-My favorite animals are fishes, crabs, birds and of course I love squirrels.
- I prefer to write rather than speak because when I write I miss many less details.
- I love pizza, crisps, biscuits and milk chocolate. I currently prefer sweet to salty and I've a happy place where I often have breakfast.
-I don't drink Coca Cola or Pepsi.
-On autumn and winter I love to drink lemon tea and hot chocolate.
-My favorite seasons are autumn and winter and I like the rain, the clouds and cold.
-I love fashion and to match clothes so I've a Polyvore profile where you can follow me if you want: https://mariaantonietta8.polyvore.com/
- I like flowers and my favorite is Dahlia.
- I have a passion for everything about the 80's and 90's.

I stop here. I hope you have some interest in common with me and I also hope to haven't bored you. Sorry for my english.