Well hi guys!
This is kinda new for me but I think this is exciting to do.
I am going to tell y'll some things about me so lets gooooo.

My name is Melissa and i am 14 years old. I live in the netherlands so my English kinda sucks so don't expect too much haha.

Well that info was kinda basic so lets go to some more fun facts about me!
I am going to give you guys 10 fun facts about me so yeaah,

1. I LOVE room decor!! I recently did a huge room make-over and I just love it. I love to change my room so yeah :)

2. I also LOVE cactussen. They are so cute and yeah idk i just love them very much!

3. I am a directioner and my fave is Niall. I am going to Harry's concert next year in Amsterdam and I am so excited because I just love his album and I think its actually art!!

4. I have a youtube channel named ''melissa bening''' so if you wanna check it out you can :')

5. I am obsessed with photography. I love making pictures with my camera and polaroid!!

6. My fave color is yellow!! I just loooveee that color <3

7. I love nature. Flowers, the moon. the sun, the sky, like everything!! It is so pretty and yeah idk i a just obsessed i guess haha

8. I don't know more facts so i guess i'm going to stop hihi.

Well this was actually so much fun to do!!
Y''ll I would appreciate it if you all are going to follow me and stay tuned for more!!

see yaaa,
lots of love