Hello guys,
This feels kinda weird right now but I think I'll get used to this.
WHI finally gives me the opportunity to speek to you directly and that's great.
So I thought that's the right moment to tell you something about myself.

I'm sixteen years old and I'm still going to school every week. The book addict I was is gone because reading took way too much time. But books never lost ther magic. That's why I'm dreaming of becomming an author or journalist now and I'll do everything to achieve this goal. This article feature is just another good possibility for me to practise writing. I will not write everything in the english language because that's not my mother tongue. I'm actually german but I'll try my best to write english as much as I can.

With my hearts and collections I want to inspire me and anyone else on WHI. Thank you to all of my followers at this point. You motivate and inspire me when I'm not motivated at all.<3

I LOVE punk music but I'm open-minded for other genres as well.
And I'm a quiet and introvert person but to my closest friends I can turn out as a freaky, funny and crazy girl. Same with social media. I don't know why but on social media it's a lot easier to be 'myself'. I guess it sounds strange but for a few month I'm really into self-development. That basically means that I try to improve myself and my life in different areas. I didn't ever feel that much motivation before in my life and I know that nothing on this planet is able to stop me. I'm not insane, I promise.

If you have questions or just want to talk to someone you are always welcome to text me.