I believe that each of us inside of ourselves knows to be afraid of something, I do not mean the fear of insects or animals, but fear inherent in life.

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Each of us, even if he does not want to admit it, knows he's afraid of something. These fears are so many and vary from person to person and life they do. She may be afraid of failing to achieve her goals, not finding the love of her life, or simply being scared not to make the most of this life. Unfortunately, these fears often prevent people from enjoying their full life because they block them.

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My fear, for example, is that I can not enjoy my life full and have regrets, and be sentimentally blocked so that I never find love ...

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These certain things block me a bit, but I also think that if we eat from fear we would not live anymore.

So the best thing to do is try to overcome them, try to avoid constantly thinking and acting above all.
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