Today I woke up like this.

-No expression on my face, no happiness or sadness just a dumb feeling inside of me.
Actually I've been feeling myself like this lately, so weak and don't even like to feel like this because I know there's happiness out there and I have so many good people around me, actually they're the best in the world.

-My body language is easy to be read, I'm a pisces you know - Everything is clear when you look at me.

So am here today to say, I was born to be SOMEONE, WE ARE someone!
But didn't have chances in my life that would help me to go out and express, show my gifts or talents and it turned me down, after few years knowing that I would do anything to be heard and to make music, get people to see how beautiful life is. To make people see how beautiful they are, to make them understand that we can be eveything we want to.

Yeah, I was a strong girl with big dreams and now I see I became a sad girl with broke dreams. Should I give up? Does age really matters? Because If it does, I should stop right here and watch life goes by.

I don't even know what I'm writting, I wanted to share my today's feeling with all of you.

I am trying to keep my head up and to get where I feel I belong to.
I won't give up on my dreams nor even my faith.

Love you guys, thank you for reading.

- Kel Cruz, xo