I don't know if it's just me.
If I am the only one, that sometimes just gets this urging feel to write, share their thoughts and express what goes inside. But then again I live among seven billion other individuals, with their own thoughts and ideas. Who knows, maybe there's a doppelgänger across the globe doing hard labour in order to earn it's living yet wanting to make a change and speak up whilst I'm here. In my bed. Writing this text.
It is quite funny, how at times I think of something and I suddenly become very passionate and deep about my thought. As soon as I get inspired about something, I find that my mind is all over the place wanting to share a polished text but not yet quite sure how to phrase it into an ensemble. I have that bad habit of promising myself that I will write it down but always seem to forget. Thus my brilliant idea is gone before dust gets to settle.

So I made myself a promise. A resolution of a kind.
As I just started high school, I've noticed the lack of creative writing assignments. It bothers me, since I've been evolving my skills and vocabulary for the past years. I've been trying to be better with my words and just as I was about to hit a milestone I feel like it has turned for the worse. And that is one of the main reasons I want to start writing more and sharing my thoughts. This time with a little twist. I want to share my writing among others. For you to read what's on my mind. Because who really knows, maybe I'll inspire you and perhaps you will do the same.
So that is how this happened, in a nutshell. I hope you stay to follow my journey, as an individual, for I am keen to see myself where I end up.
This is me, now and what I want to say and share to this oblivious world of discrimination and unsettled peace.

Yours truly,