I have this obsession on this mixed gender KPOP group KARD

So what's KARD? Who's KARD?
WELL let me break it down for you, KARD is made up of 4 members, 2 girls, and 2 guys. Ji-woo, So-min, J-Seph and BM. They just debuted this year on 19th. July .2017 with HOLA HOLA. Even before they debut they have come up with 3 songs that lead them up to the last song.Their journey is quite interesting because of sick dance moves and great music they just get you to hype up.

So what are their 4 songs and their evolution during the songs?

DEC 12, 2016 OH NA NA
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This was their first song that they released and it's really interesting how they managed to incorporate both girls and guys parts and different point of view from the guy and girls parts in the song.


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To me, this song was like a continuation from the first song because the first song was about how each individual wanted the other person to be there with him or her and to be with them all the time. But for Don't Recall is like how they are done with each other and they don't want to remember about the past. Even though the other person has given everything but lets's just forget about it.And they even have an English version for this song.

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APRIL 24, 2017 RUMOR
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For this song, its like an evolution on how their outfit and style has also changed. From oh na na it was just shades of black and Don't Recall was just plain white. But for Rumor, it was a bit of green and orange. I like their style and the way they've made sure that the outfits fit the theme of the song as well.PLUS POINTS TO THE STYLIST. In this song its basically how even though they have broken up but still they've heard a lot of stories and Rumors about the other person and it reminds them of the past of well even though don't want to recall about it .(pun intended).

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This was their last song and it was their debut song. I like how it is more bright rather then the other music videos and their style is also more directed to their personal style. The colors that are put into the music video is a more Hawaiian style .For this song, it's more positive and chill as it is about how the things in life with the relationship is the sweetest thing that is going on and how the relationship has gotten more close ,how much they like each others company. The song is also more toward a chill and free vibe to get away all the worries .

I'll probably write more things about them as well as other kpop groups so stay tune for that! oh and I totally have a crush on all of the kards members ahahah