Feeling small.
Feeling worthless.
Feeling ugly.
Feeling insecure.
Feeling not good enough.
Feeling powerless.
Feeling dumb.
Feeling defenseless.
Feeling weak.
Feeling helpless.
Feeling alone.
Feeling ashamed.
Feeling empty.

She hates her body.
She hates her face.
She hates her hair.
She hates her freckles.
She hates her strech marks.
She hates her scars.
She hates her nose.
She hates her eyes.
She hates her lips.
She hates her skin.
She hates her breasts.
She hates her butt.
She hates her legs.
She hates her stomach.

She covers herself up with make-up.
She doesn't eat.
She punishes herself.
She wants to be like them.
She wants to be recognized.

So, she dresses like them.
She talks like them.
She acts like them.
She walks like them.
She eats like them.

She likes what they like.
She hates what they hate.
She buys what they buy.
She kisses who they kiss.

She lost her friends.
She lost her style.
She lost her habits.
She lost her clothes.
She lost her extra-pounds.
She lost her uniqueness.
She lost her best qualities.
She lost her opinions.
She lost her mind.


Instead of loving her body,
she hated her body.
Instead of being thankful for being alive,
she wished she wasn't.
Instead of celebrating her flaws,
she wanted to erase them.
Instead of being herself,
she was someone else.
Instead of treating her body like it was a gift,
she treated it like it was a punishment.

L O V E . Y O U R S E L F.

E V E R Y. G I R L. I S.
B E A U T I F U L.