Niagara Falls

On our second day we got up in the early morning at 6.30 am and headed first for starbucks, but anyway, similar to germany, it is way too expensive. We took a bus at 7.30am and had a 2 hours drive to ...... NIAGARA FALLS! omg, I was so excited to see such a beautiful phenomenon, it is way more exciting in real life than seeing it on pictures on the internet. They're so big and fabulous nobody can imagine how great and impressing they are.
Like everytime I visit a new city or place, I bought a shot glass where "niagara falls" is written in colourful letters.
At afternoon around 3pm we headed back to Toronto and did a little shopping at Eaton centre, where I bought the best smell of any Victoria Secret body spray in this world, it smells like coconuts at the beach and summer air.. so lovely
I also tried a meatball sub at subway, what's kinda funny for Germans because I've never saw a meatball sub before.. It is something different to our selection at subway but anyway it was delicious and I miss the sub soooo much.

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and omg I am so in love with this arizona but it also doesn't exist in Germany, bad thing..

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