St. Andrew's Night On the night of November 30, the wolves gather together and St. Andrew divides the prey to each wolf for the coming winter. In order to protect their household from the wolves, even today in countryside's areas, Romanian people anoint the doors,the windows and the gates with garlic. Other people make a cross of wax and stick it to cattle, more precisely to the right horn, but only to the male ones: oxen, rams, stallions, goats...

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It is still believed that on 30th of November, the wolf becomes more agile, can bend his throat, hence the belief that "the wolf sees his tail". People don't work during this day so the wolves won't spoil the cattle. The danger is not only for cattle, but also for those who dare to go on the road, on the day when the fight begins.

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In the Romanian people's beliefs, on the night of St. Andrew, on November 29, the strigoi come out and walk. The strigoi become very dangerous for the living: they take the lives of their close relatives, bring illness, ice storms and other suffering. After the evils they caused and where they operate, they can be water and land, cattle and hives, rain and fire. They travel on Earth and on the waters, shouting and mourning.

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It is also said that they dance on the roads, until the singing of the roosters. They battled with the living strigoi, the undead people. The next day, they are known other after the scratches they have on their face.

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The night of November 29th to November 30th, preceding the celebration of Saint Andrew, is considered favorable for spells, charms and incantations of guessing a girl's fated lover or "binding" a man to young woman.

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