Hi guys! Today I decided to share with you my dream destinations to visit. Wanderlust will always take a special place in my heart as traveling is one of the things I enjoy the most!

1.New York City,USA

Living in New York has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. I wanna live in those red brick street houses. City life attracts me way more than a little house in a tiny quiet village. I wanna explore every building even every restaurant in New York. It's just the place I imagine to spend my future in.

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2.New Orleans,USA

I felt in love with this city from the Disney movie "Princess and the frog". Then I started searching for some information and photos about this place. I ADORE IT. The places,the people, the food. EVERYTHING about it seems so lovely. The cutest city I've ever seen,I love all the details about it and can't wait to see it one day.

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Italy seems so magical to me,especially Venice and south Italy,looks like a fairytale. Such a romantic place.

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4.Machu Picchu,Peru
I found my interest in this place through a video game. It's seems so mysterious
And I wanna explore it so bad.

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Tokyo is just goals,okay?! 😂

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Saint Petersburg and Moscow are a must visit for me. I have met Russians before,my father has worked with Russians and I know that they are amazing people. I also know the language so I would be connected with the people there.

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7.United Kingdom
London,Brighton,and Manchester are my faves. I'm going to Manchester in a few months and I'm so flipping excited.

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Different culture,different people - adventure!

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I've always been keen on history and especially the history of ancient Egypt.

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I wanna explore the whole entire continent.I wanna meet the people there and also a dream of mine is to join different campaigns and support organizations for those in need and help with educating. I wanna go on safari and I guarantee you that if I ever get married my honeymoon will be somewhere in Africa.

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