Im just gonna jump right into it. Later I wanna live in New York City, The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps. Later I wanna travel the world, with my family, my lover (if I ever find one) my friends, or, alone. I wanna work for a big company. I wanna work with actors, models, criminals. I wanna live in a tropical place, and lay on the beach, enjoy the ocean, surf, and think about absolutely nothing, yeah man. I wanna be a professional softball player. Go to the field every single day, and don't wanna do anything else than play softball and watch other people play softball. Still, I also wanna be a important business woman, who makes a lot of money and do great things with it. I wanna design clothes, houses, things. So, can I be a important woman living in NYC. Can I be a beach babe? So many things. What do I want? Is everything a option? If so, everything.