1st day

Our flight from Frankfurt (DE) started at 2pm to our first destination Toronto (YYZ). It took us around 9 hours until we landed at the main airport of Toronto. We did our check-in with a weird electronic device I've never seen before and after that we looked for the subway to get into the city centre of this beautiful city. The first thing I was buying in a supermarket at the Union Station was a pack of peanut butter M&M's because they don't exist in Germany, sad story btw.
We headed for our hotel in Dundas and it was a little bit shocking, that it was right above a strip club. But nevermind at 8.30pm local time in Toronto we left our hotel for a night walk for first impressions of the city. We walked to the Toronto sign and the CN Tower, shown on the pictures below. After a 3 hours walk we did 20.000 steps and walked around 16km.

canada, cloudy, and color image
america, toronto, and canada image
america, city, and toronto image