Theres a lot of things that is happening to our world right now.Things that we never thought that would happen to America, to Europe,to concerts etc.Things that keep going to happen and that will keep to happen unless we change our minds and specially our hearts.Terorism will keep going to exist and its action will become bigger bigger.Why?Becuase we dont take serious measures.Measures which will help our world and especially EVERYONE lives no matter what colour,ethnicity,language,religion,sexuality,gender,age,height,weight and all the different types of lives.We all deserve a better a better world where peace and love will fill our hearts.Not money,not power none of that really matters.We all are sitting in front of our phones and our computers insulting people and celebrities.The thing that really matters for us is how our instagram account will look and posting our outfits and the GUCCI bags and our ADIDAS and our perfect athletic bodies that we dont really want to.Whatever is acceptable from the peaple and gets all the attention and the looks matter now.We need to change that.People dies everyday.People has no clothes,no food,no water peaple has nothing and we spend 1000$ and 2000$ for bags and shoes.People fight and die for a better world,fight with the hope that the rest of the humanity will stand up and fight with them.Its time for this to happen and this will start from us.We are the new voice of the word,the future is in our hands.We need to wake up and take the control into our hands.The terrorism will not stop by its one.Instead of that as long as it sees detachment it will keep going,we need to help the people in Africa that are in the limits of hunger.The countries need to stop fighting with each other about money.Money comes and go but when someone dies stays dead.I am putting myself into the peple that only cares about this stupid 'image'.But i live in a country that opinions and thoughts like have no carry.I am so happy thar WE HEART IT creat this opportunity and now i can finally talk because social media are not only about photos,clothes and gossip.There are also a way to change the world.I know that no many peοple will read this but i will post this with the hope that at lest one person will get touched and agree with me.I believe in us and i think we can make it because god made us strong,passionate and with a heart

P.S.forgive me for my bad english:)