Today I started thinking, what will happen in many years? I will continue with my same friends? I will continue to have the same relationship with my family (uncles / cousins), will I still like the same things now? Will I change the way I am? Someday I'm going to graduate? What about my parents and my sister? I dont know.
I dont think I want to grow, I dont want time to go, I dont want things to change, I want things to stay the same forever. But it cant be done.
I want the people around me to always be, but nobody knows that.
There are times when I am with my friends or family, I watched them and I start thinking about how lucky I am to have them and hopefully that will never end, but people grow, people are going away and then they will be memories of the past.
That is why I want to enjoy this stage of my life, to do what I want and like, to dress as I want and not to think as much in what people think or say of me, anyway, to be myself.