This series became one of my favorites.

Despite the fact that it was from the Disney Channel, it did not look too childish.

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        Together with the characters, I was worried, happy, sad.

      This series is about real friendship.

On the value of the family. In it, the characters passed adolescence from middle to high school.

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      I have two of my favorite characters: Riley and Farkle.

Riley showed that optimistic people who believe in the best do not always rejoice that sometimes it's hard for such people to wear a smile on their face.

Her hurt what not everyone liked.

It was hard for her to be mocked because of her eternal joy.

Farkle, from a guy next door, turned into a real handsome man.

It was sad that someone believed that he did not deserve such friends and he often asked friends why they are friends with him.

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      I was disappointed by the fact that at the end of the series, Riley and Farkle never became a couple.

Perhaps if they did one more season, maybe they would have stayed together.

To be honest, the relationship between Riley and Farkle, reminds me of the relationship between Stiles and Lydia, the only difference is that Stydia was marshalled and Riarkle was not.

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       I, as a true fan, hope that someday they will shoot a film or a mini-series or make a spin off, in which Riarkle will be together.