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This is my first article on WHI and it's about some fun things to do during fall.I hope you like it.
Fall is a beautiful season but sometimes people just notice the "bad" side of it (bad weather or the cold).I personally find fall is amazing.I think that people need to see the beauty of simple things that happen during fall.Like the sound of rain or the colors of the leaves.And now I'm gonna make a list of the things that I think must be done during fall.
1)Decorate your room.There's tons of ideas on the internet on how to decorate your room for fall.Some simple things you can do is hang some lights in your room to create that cozy atmosphere or put up some candles.You can also put some real leaves on your mirror or somewhere in your room so that it feels more natural.

2)Stay home when it's raining outside.This might sound kinda boring but believe me it's not.Just imagine that you're in your room watching a movie or reading a book and it's raining outside.You have your favorite coffee cup with you and some stuffed animals or pillows around you.P.S. you're wearing your soft fuzzy socks.Cool,itsn't it!
3)Go for a photoshoot.If you wanna take some awesome and colorful pictures just for memories or for Instagram then fall is a great background for you.You can go to the nearest park or somewhere you like to be and take a bunch of cool pictures in the leaves.You don't even have to go to a park or anything because fall is beautiful on the streets too.You can take your friend with you and create memories together.
4)Get ready for Halloween.Halloween isn't celebrated in a lot of countries(neither in mine) but you can still create that Halloween mood around your house or your room.Just invite your friend(s) over to watch some Halloween movies and drink warm coffee while cuddling in your blankets.If you have a pumpkin you can also decorate it and put up some candles around it.
5)Create a fall playlist.I am a really music-lover person so it's important to me to always have new songs on my playlist.I like making playlists because I listen to almost all kind of songs.If you wanna get inspired while you're decorating your room or you just wanna relax after classes or work then you should go ahead and create a fall playlist for the cozy nights you're gonna have.For me Ed Sheeran,James Bay,Birdy and artists like them make the perfect fall playlist.
6)Get some warm clothes.It can get really cold during fall so you wanna make sure you have some warm clothes.These include sweaters of fall colors such as brown,dark green and burgundy,warm and knee-high socks,ankle-high boots and fuzzy scarfs.You can also get some large sweaters or ts that you can wear with skinny jeans or leggings.
7)Make some pies.Baking or cooking might not be your favorite thing to do but during the fall season you can try making different pies like pumpkin pie or apple pie.It's fall,it's Halloween season and besides feeling it you also wanna taste it right?
These were the things on my bucket list this year.I hope you guys liked my article and that it helped you a little bit.Thank you for following me again and if you're not then go ahead and do it because I'm gonna be making a lot of articles on different things and inspire people who think the same way as I do.Don't forget to be positive and smile a lot because life is just good!!!