One thing I hate about autumn is the dark, but I've tried to make it into something likable. So here are some tips how to survive the autumn darkness, and trust me I know. Where I live in Sweden the sun's up 6 hours at the arkest point, from 9 am to 3 pm. So it's dark when I go to school, through the woods... all by myself...

Cozy lightning and candles.

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Light some candles or buy some cute lighting to brighten your home.

Read by the fireplace

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In my house we have a fireplace, and I need it to burn, otherwise everything just get so dark and cold.

Embrace the darkness

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Go out and do something with your friends, 'cause everything always gets a little more exiting when it's dark outside.


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I will just say, why not? It's fun and you get to eat afterwards.

Take a bath

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Take a bath and dream away to a warm, sunny day.

So now it's just up to you whether to stay inside with a book or go out and explore the world's darkest side.
Love, Svea