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Previously on Teen Wolf yet again we've lost another character which is Brett and also his sister Tori. On this episode of Teen Wolf things start to get more serious with the death of Brett, the people of Beacon Hills fearing the unknown and the population of hunters rising up.

At the start of this episode, Scott is trying really hard to get Liam to go school. He's really scared that people would try to spread more rumors about him. At school, everyone was staring at Liam and Corey and no one dared to get close to them.Soon enough, Nolan created a team meeting against Liam and he gave away his captain position to Nolan as well.

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On the other hand, Scott is asking Argent to talk to Gerard to stop killing the werewolf kind in Beacon Hills. But then again, Gerard didn't want to hear any explanation. Hence, Scott wanted to go and meet Gerard himself to make peace.

Lydia went to meet Monroe in order to convince her about the meeting and no one has to die. ( But of course, everyone knew we can't trust Monroe). In school, Liam is struggling with people not being his lab partners because they're scared of him.Nolan made sure that the whole lacrosse team is against Liam and he wanted Liam to change into a wolf in front of everyone.But then they got into a fight instead and Liam got hurt real bad ( I feel bad but I guess he managed to overcome his anger issues and not turned in front of everyone). OH, and coach was the one that stopped the fight.

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During the meeting with Monroe, Scott got to know Monroe even better. Turns out that Monroe was a part of the victims in the bus during the last season. She almost died when they had the monster killing the students in the bus. This has caused Monroe to have a huge grudge against Scott and the inner circle.

Monroe was about to kill Scott when Malia and Lydia came to their rescue and remember the body that was in Mama McCall's DNA test? It escaped and it gave off the fear vibe on the hunters and everyone there causing a chaos and soon enough they all left leaving Scott and the rest.

At the end of the day, they've all knew that they got a whole town against them and hunters from everywhere.They can't save everyone they know except to make peace, which is really hard to get.While trying to figure out about what they released from the wild hunt that scared the shit out of them.