Hey girls! Before starting my new first article I wanted to say, that I speak frensh so i'll do my best to write in english well.🙂 So this first article talk about a topic that can touch all of us.. that can even become a illness... : the shyness.
Yeah... is this shyness that stop us to approach people. Is this shyness that block us socially. The question is: but why? Why am I so shy? How can we fix that? Which are the origins? It took me a long time before understood where this shyness came from and why that kept me to show me. To show who really I'am. The source of the problem is: the lack of self-confidence. I devaluing myself in relation to other. In reality I put everybody on a pedestal. I admired everybody and by this fact I undervalue myself. I was scared about what people thought about me. So I tried constantly to rise to the level of the expectations of the others. But I observed only the qualities of people, forgetting that they had their own flaws, their own imperfections, their share of problems.. I forgot that I was quite simply facing to humans beings, with their flaws and their qualities. Then it was here, the source of the problem: the lack of self-confidence, the fact that I devaluing myself, that I was scared to not please..
But we have to stop devalue ourselves in that way! We are like everybody: we have our flaws and our qualities. It's in that point that we are equal. We have to stop putting us pressure and to try to prove something. We have nothing to prove! We worth it! You worth it! There is only in that way that we can be ourselves and that we can be surrounded by people who really accept us for who we are. Then tilt your head up and go ahead! You go everything to gain! Certainly it's easier said than done ( I work on it too) but we can do it little by little!

Hope my article will help you!

Lovingly Quinn💞