I always liked watching lights from a distance. During the dead of night, when only sounds I'd normally ignore can be heard, the lights on the distant mountains flicker, in and out, in just milliseconds, but still enough to light up the space that was hidden by the darkness of the night.

I love how , when my gaze is unfocused, the lights just flicker and waver and the artificial light turns into flames, alive and blazing.

I love how,when my gaze is unfocused, I'm allowed to see more stars in the sky.

I love how every time I look at the sea and its waves, the light of the sun and the reflexion of something shiny underneath the waters break through for everyone to see.

Light opens up everything. Whether it is the blackness of space or the vastness of the ocean. Whether it is a closed-off person, with barriers and walls anywhere you look, or an open and honest person, who wear their heart on their sleeve.

Light will open us all up, because it brings us honesty, it' warm and it feels like home. And when we find someone who brings that kind of light in our lives; they are home.