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Hi there,

just want to share with you some great stuff for this cozy autumn that is coming. Some extremely easy songs for listening while you are reading, learning or just need to relax with cup of tea or coffee. Enjoy with:

6.AM - This Is It
TroyBoi - On My Own
aywy. - Naked.
G E O // Don't let me
Linkin Park - Crawling (Piano version)
Halsey - Eyes Closed
Halsey - Bad at Love
Channel dynmk on yt has some great stuff.

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And all of Starboy ofc

If you just want to lie on your bed all day and watch some series, here are some suggestions:

Breaking Bad

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A high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family's future.


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A chronicled look at the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, as well as the many other drug kingpins who plagued the country through the years.


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A modern update finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner solving crime in 21st century London.

Stranger Things

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When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back.

The Killing

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A police investigation, the saga of a grieving family, and a Seattle mayoral campaign all interlock after the body of 17-year-old Rosie Larsen is found in the trunk of a submerged car.

The Young Pope

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The beginning of the pontificate of Lenny Belardo, alias Pius XIII, the first American Pope in history.

13 reasons why

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Follows teenager Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her life. (happy pic)


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The world of the Vikings is brought to life through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking to emerge from Norse legend and onto the pages of history - a man on the edge of myth.

Game of Thrones

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Nine noble families fight for control over the mythical lands of Westeros, while a forgotten race returns after being dormant for thousands of years.

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Enjoy your day, love u all xoxo