I'm so panda!

i think i'm turning panda! here's what i mean:

panda, animal, and cute image
she's thinking how tasty this bamboo is

Pandas love bamboo! and i'm vegetarian! So similar, right?

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her tummy must be so cold!

Pandas are so playful! and i'm ever so playful too!

milk and panda image

Pandas love to be lazy and hang with their bffs - yep, me too!

funny, panda, and tumblr image
Chicken or fish? or maybe bamboo?

Pandas fly on airplanes just like me! i think i've even sat in that seat before...

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she really loves that ball!

And most of all, Pandas got a lot of love in their hearts! ... also me <3<3<3 :)

Oh!!! so much cuteness!!! That's it, i'm starting a WHI cute animals collection right now! check it girl!