here are the top 5 teen book series that you need to read.


⤷1. percy jackson and the olympians- percy jackson & the olympians, often shortened to percy jackson, is a pentalogy of adventure and mythological fiction books written by american author rick riordan, and the first book series in the camp half-blood chronicles. five supplementary books, along with three graphic novels, have also been released. more than 45 million copies of the books have been sold in more than 35 countries. the story is about a boy named percy jackson, who is the son of the sea god, poseidon and a mortal is set off to different adventures that will change is life forever, with the help of a satyr named grover and a demigod named annabeth.

⤷2. harry potter- harry potter is a series of fantasy novels written by british author j. k. rowling. the novels chronicle the life of a young wizard, harry potter, and his friends hermione granger and ron weasley, all of whom are students at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. the main story arc concerns Harry's struggle against lord voldemort, a dark wizard who intends to become immortal, overthrow the wizard governing body known as the ministry of magic, and subjugate all wizards and muggles, a reference term that means non-magical people.

⤷3. the maze runner- the maze runner is a 2009 young adult post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction novel written by american author james dashner and the first book released in the maze runner series, although it is the third chronologically. the novel was published on october 7, 2009 by delacorte press, an imprint of random house, and was made into a 2014 major motion picture by 20th century fox. thomas, a teenager, arrives in a glade at the center of a giant labyrinth. like the other youths dumped there before him, he has no memory of his previous life. thomas quickly becomes part of the group and soon after demonstrates a unique perspective that scores him a promotion to runner status- those who patrol the always-changing maze to find an escape route. Together with teresa, the only female, Thomas tries to convince his cohorts that he knows a way out.

⤷4. the hunger games- the hunger games is a trilogy of novels written by american novelist suzanne collins. the series is set in the hunger games universe, and follows young characters katniss everdeen and peeta mellark. the novels in the trilogy are titled the hunger games (2008), catching fire (2009), and mockingjay (2010). The novels have all been developed into films starring Jennifer Lawrence, with the film adaptation of mockingjay split into two parts. the first two books in the series were both new york times best sellers, and mockingjay topped all US bestseller lists upon its release. by the time the film adaptation of the hunger games was released in 2012, the publisher had reported over 26 million hunger games trilogy books in print, including movie tie-in books. in what was once north america, the capitol of panem maintains its hold on its 12 districts by forcing them each to select a boy and a girl, called tributes, to compete in a nationally televised event called the hunger games. every citizen must watch as the youths fight to the death until only one remains. district 12 tribute katniss everdeen has little to rely on, other than her hunting skills and sharp instincts, in an arena where she must weigh survival against love.

⤷5. divergent- divergent is the debut novel of american novelist veronica roth, published by harpercollins children's books in 2011. the novel is the first of the divergent trilogy, a series of young adult dystopian novels set in the divergent universe. the novel divergent features a post-apocalyptic version of chicago and follows beatrice "tris" prior as she explores her identity within a society that defines its citizens by their social and personality-related affiliation with five factions, which removes the threat of anyone exercising independent will and re-threatening the population's safety. underlying the action and dystopian focused main plot is a romantic subplot between tris and one of her instructors in the dauntless faction, nicknamed four.