Hey Persons out there! Welcome @ my page and @ this article. This will be about BTS and why u should love every single member <3 Have much fun!

First of all:
Why u should Love Kim Seokjin aka Jin ... ♥♥
-He is the best mother on earth
-He is absolutely cute when hes eating food
-He eats a lot and dont care about the calories
-He tries to talk to the others when they do shit or when they need help
-He has very cute and funny Dad Jokes
-This is my opinion, cuz i can totally relate to him, cuz i cant dance
-He´s having so beautiful Vocals

Then why u should Love Min Yoongi aka Suga...♥
-He talks openly about depression and helps a lot of people
-He´s having Rap Skills like a boss
-He looks very good
-He is a very cute and funny person
-He has a lot personalitys. AgustD, Suga, Yoongi,...

Then why u should love Kim Namjoon aka Rapmonster...♥
-He supports every sexuality
-He is sexy af
-He made Bangtan
-He can rap like a god
-He can be cute, sexy and Daddy af
-He is funny and a pervert

Then why u should love Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope...♥
-He can rap like a god
-He has Vocals like a god
-He is literally a sunshine
-He is cute af
-He is always there for his friends
-He is hot af
-He is funny af
-He can dance so good! *-*

Then why u should love Park Jimin aka Jimin...♥
-He is cute
-He is sexy
-He is funny
-He has PERFECT Vocals
-He is always there for everyone and tries to make everyone happy
-He is a pervert!
-He can dance perfect *-*

Then why u should love Kim Taehyung aka V...♥
-He is a family person
-He is hot and cute af ---
-His voice is so beautiful :) (In my opinion his voice is in Dope and in Save Me the best..^^)
-He is funny
-He is always there
-He can dance!

Then why u should love Jeon Jungkook ... ♥
-He is a cute maknae
-He is funny, cute, sexy, hot, daddy, ...
-He can switch his personality from Innocent to Daddy in 0,5 Seconds
-He loves his family
-He also can rap good
-And he can dance good
-And he has perfect vocals
-And HE is perfect!

This is why u should love and respect every Bangtan Member, cuz i feel like mostly Hoseok and Namjoon are the ones, a lot of "Armys" dont like. I mean, just look at my points and think about it. This list also dont mean, you shouldnt have a Bias, i have two Bias too. Jungkookie and Yoongi..♥ But all the others are my Wreckers. And yeah, thats it.

I think i will do it for my other Favourite Groups too. (Blackpink, Exo, ToppDogg, Mamamoo, Twice, RedVelvet, ...) ♥ See u!