Hello guys! My reason for writing this article is just to make myself be more open, especially to strangers. So here are some facts about me:

1. I'm studying hospitality with a dream to open my own cafe/restaurant/bakery in the future.
2. I have been dealing with insecurities a lot this year. But it's getting better now.
3. I have always wanted to have a blog - mainly for travel diaries tbh. I also love writing - stories, reviews, feelings, etc. Hopefully, I can write often through WHI's articles to improve my skill and make it an unofficial blog!
4. I'm so excited to travel to Melbourne this September, to Taiwan this December with my close friend and visit my country with a family bonding trip!
5. I have a lot of trouble with my love life. All of my crushes don't like me back or didn't like me hard enough to get in a relationship together. For the guys who like me, I never give them a chance. It does feel lonely sometimes without a boyfriend :(
6. No matter how much I love something, I don't ever give it enough effort and passion to pursue. It sucks.
7. It's been about 2 or 3 years since I last made friends from the internet. But I'd love to get to know people here. I have been on WHI since forever, on and off, and it'd be nice if there are actual accounts suporting each other through pictures and messages.
7. I'm feeling a bit too personal now haha so I'm gonna stop writing. If this article gets some hearts in response, I will have more motivation to write more stuff, not just about me of course. If it doesn't, I may still continue posting more articles whenever I want, tee hee.

Thank you so much for reading!

Much love,