It was late at night. I was laying on my bed, listening to my favourite songs when suddenly I got a text message from you. I will never forget this night. This was the night that changed everything.

It was a simple message "we are over" without no explanation, no reason. And I want to tell you that it broke my heart because I loved you.

I was confused. I was crying and shaking. It was crazy. I was trying to find out what was wrong but I couldn´t.

You said you stopped loving me. But how can you suddenly stop loving another person? I was wondering about it but I couldn´t find an answer.

It was hard to move on. It´s always hard to move on when you don´t know what you did wrong.

And maybe I wasn´t so sad because you left me. Maybe I was sad because I wanted someone to care about me, to pay attention to me and to be interested in me. I wanted to be in relationship. Not necessarily with you. Just with someone who would love me.

I realised that this person should be me. I should love myself. And when I learn to love myself, I will find someone who will love me too.

Since you left me, I realised so many things and I tried new things. I experienced great adventures, met many interesting people, fell in love with strangers and kissed them. I started to learn another languages and traveled to exciting places.

If you hadn´t broken my heart, I would have never experienced all these things. I want to thank you for breaking my heart. For leaving me, when I needed you. Because during this time I learnt how to love myself and how to be there for me.