Well, hello. Today I want to talk about a very delicate thing for me, and that is something recent, although I feel it was a long time ago now.
This is for you. For the person who feels that he can not do more, who believes that does nothing important, that is tired just for ... exist.
You will think that I will be the typical positive girl who will tell you not to be sad, not to give up and will not do anything. But no.
I will tell you that I was trying to take my life. Everything began to go wrong about four years ago, I began to have very habitual anxiety that was strange in a girl of my age, I went on like this (but did nothing to solve it) until two years later, when I was 13. My anxiety became something else, I was always sad, I could not enjoy the things that I liked, I was tired of everything and I did not have the strength to go to school, which I did, but with a lot of work.
There my suicidal thoughts began. Well, my last and most dangerous attempt was in April of this year.
A miracle happened to me. I got help, professional, family and hopefully from friends.
Friends I did not even think they were, I discovered a new world.
Since then, everything is going well.
I have downs, like everyone. But I'm recovering, we can all recover. I was hopeless for four years. Nothing, I hated, hated everyone and hated life and now I have seen the light but not the way I believed, in a much better. If I tell my old self how I am now, I couldnt believe it.
I am happy, I love my family, my few friends because I do not need more, I have hopes in the future, I am studying. I love myself. I never thought it would come to this, so it can happen to you, please, never give up.
You are a very valuable person, everything is possible. Just remain strong, change is possible