A long time ago I started reading, like books or small texts about different things such as love or friendships or family. And I made my own thoughts about all these and I used to write about things or persons I love in old notebooks and no one has ever read my writing. What I want to say to you is that, if you can't express your thoughts speaking to someone you can express yourself through writing. Writing about everything. Things you love, or hate. About your friends or family, about your secret love. And just through writing you feel more comfortable with yourself, more confident and without a doubt you feel a lot better when you express your deep thoughts than just keeping them and staring at the wall, thinking. What really matters through, is that you let it come out of you no matter how. And..maybe in the future you will be able to spread your thoughts out, talk to a friend or if you have a presentation you 'll feel much better to talk to poeple. And you never know, if you 're really good at writing you can make a lot of moneyyy!!!