as we all know, art is an important factor that contributed in shaping the world today. i'm going to name some tips that you can use when drawing/sketching.


⤷1. use a reference- although it is completely acceptable if you want to create your own artwork, it is recommended that you find a reference so that you could get inspiration for your own artwork.

⤷2. take control- if you position your hand closer to the end of the pencil, you have more control and precision, but heavier strokes (darker markings). gripping further up the pencil will give you less control and precision, but lighter strokes (lighter markings).

⤷3. use a full range of value- value is the darkness or lightness of a color. so value is about light. we can't see without light, therefore we see things because of value. it's not about color. (although color is important too.) make a value scale and then use it. make sure that your drawing has a full range of value. (i.e. all of the values on your value scale.) you define the light source through your use of value.

⤷4. shading- when shading, work from light to dark. otherwise, the dark graphite could get stuck on your blending stick and mixed in with your lighter areas. it is also better if you shade in one direction.