You've created the most perfect masterpiece. My skin shivered under your touch as you polished the marble. I still remember how you took my soul in your hands and gave me brand new life. Your bright eyes when they gazed in mine made me believe that I'm truly alive. The whole process has lasted for infinity and at the same time one moment to fell for you. I was laying on the floor helplessly begging for more. The endless admiration was pure heaven to my cold heart. Even in the complete darkness I seemed to be glowing. Despite my cold shell, life has flourished inside of me. In the eyes of my soul you have become the one that gave me value and made me better. It all made sense until I shattered in the million of pieces.
The artist who destroyed his own sculpture. Carved scars on its flawless body.
After all, even the biggest perfection dies without admiration.

-The Starchild.