idk what this is but nevertheless
I hope you enjoy
or relate
or both
who knows

|| get to know me ||

1- I actually like school
2- my favourite movies are 'Your Name' (the anime), Leon: the professional, St Elmos Fire and Stand By Me (any eighties movies tbh)
3- my favourite youtubers are Conan Gray, Lucy Moon, Arden Rose, Hi I'm Mimi, LaMadelynn and okaysage
4- my favourite shows are That 70s Show, Modern Family, The Middle, Friends and The Big Bang Theory
5- my favourite cartoon is Bobs Burgers
6- my favourite male musicians are Declan McKenna and Conan Gray
7- my favourite female musicians are Billie Eilish, Florence + the machine and Lorde
9- my favourite bands are Wet, Twenty One Pilots (well, duo), Girlpool, The 1975 and Parks Squares and Alleys.
10- my hobbies conclude of writing, singing, drawing and playing instruments
11- I love make up and wearing new clothes
12- I love taking self care days
13- chocolate chocolate chocolate
14- tea tea tea
15- um sleep

okay I'm done
on here I'll be writing music reviews, poems or stories or excerpts I write, and whatever else.
ill be linking this to my youtube channel and vice versa
so ya enjoy
- mia caven x