We want memories, we want experiences.

We need to be with our favorite humans at least once per day.

We need moments of real conversations, real communication.


This happens because we can't be 100% who we are with our parents, but with our friends we feel free to be who we are, we can have the kind of fun that we want. We need to be with our friends, having fun, communicating, creating memories and trying new stuff. It's a rule.

But some people don't understand that, especially the adults. They call that "losing time" and "being lazy"( cause you are not helping in the house while you are out,duh!). and I ask myself why they don't understand that.... like they could've been the same when they were young.

The point is: don't let that turn you down, don't stop being yourself, fight for what you want and whatever you wanna do with your friends, create those memories and be happy.