Toxic friendships are common and can easily affect our mental health. It is important to surround yourself with positive people. Trying to figure out if you should cut out that "one friend"? Don't know what signs you should look for? Read on.

1.They make fun of your goals.
Major red flag. You're too amazing to hang around people who drag you down and make you feel unworthy.

2.That friend has nothing going for his/herself
They will eventually begin to take their lack of productivity out on you. Be sure to align yourself with people who have goals.

3.They hate change
Change is apart of life. If you're focused on growth and they're still up to the same bs from last year, let it gooooo.

4.You're always their last option
This one's prevalent with toxic friends. You deserve to be counted in!

How to deal:
Managing your relationships with people effectively is a crucial skill. People who purposely cause you to feel bad can't possibly be good for you (especially when you're trying to boss up). Cut them off immediately. Block them on all of your socials (and in real life if you have to). Whether you want to enlighten them on how they've made you feel is up to you. However, honor your worth enough to snip the negative energy right out of your life.

-Boss Boo Elle