Tell me the story of the moon
For it shines all alone surrounded by darkness
Moonlight shines as the light reflects to the river
Yet a fake image shows it’s beauty
Tell me what lies behind the light
Close your eyes and you’ll see
Tell me what do you see
Maybe you’ll say those happy lies again
To hide the sad and bitter pain
Tell me what are those stars
Are those traces of your broken mask
or shattered pieces of your broken heart
tell me for I do not know
or perhaps I pretended to not see
for I’ll say it’s beauty yet I’ll hide the pain
I’ll say that the moon is really beautiful
yet It’s somewhat lonely
I’ll say that the moonlight river is shining brightly
Yet it’s fake just an illusion
I’ll say that behind the light will probably light
Yet I’m afraid that I might be wrong
I’ll say that those stars are my wishes and dreams
yet they’ve died still they continue to shine
Shine because it keeps hoping and trying
Above all those half lies and half truth
Creating Galaxies The collision of both
Keeps telling me that I should never give up hope

- Lttl_Mss_Nbdy