I love luxury. It does not lie in wealth and splendor but in the absence of vulgarity. Volgarity is the worst word in our language. I stay in the fight to fight it.
Cocò Chanel

When I browse the Internet in search of inspiration, I often find myself in images of accessories supported with nonchalance next to books on fashion or décor.
They are there, beautiful and immaculate, leaning on design tables or even just on the bed at breakfast time.
From books about great names of fashion and celebrity photographers, hand-written manuals, and style icons, all of these fantastic books go to create a style library that we fashionistas can not ignore. In my new home I dream a library like that, with books and fashion to consult whenever I need it, fashion books to be distracted on the chaise longue when it comes to finding my shopping-addicted friend.

Fashion in the home too should not be missed
If you are a true fashion addict, you will be mad for a pair of shoes and you are always up to date on all the novelties of the catwalks, we imagined a house in your image, where wardrobes and shoemakers can not be missed as well as so many small tips to follow for Give your apartment a fantastic look and dictate fashion even within the four home walls.

A true fashionist collects fashionable books and magazines despite the digital age has made this passion a click away. The books become such pieces of collection design, unavoidable in the living room of a lover of trends. Share your readings for your designer, brand, or cover color, make books from friends and relatives, and add them to small items, flowers, and candles.
Coffee table Another perfect option to place your most precious fashion books, the coffee table, a must if combined with a sofa with soft pillows and decorated with flowers and design objects. To choose from gold-plated glass for luxury lovers, vintage inspiration for more experienced homes, or black or white for the minimalist living room.
Fashion illustrations While it is true that fashion is one of the most powerful arts of our century, it also deserves to be exposed and hanging on the walls. A true fashionist does not give up on illustrations and trendy images that point to the footbridge, the iconic icon of the last few years, or simply the quotation of the favorite fashion designer. Hanging on the walls or collecting on furniture and floor for a faded effect.
Boxed boxes and envelopes Favorite brands do not throw away anything, especially if they are envelopes, boxes, and billboards. In the eyes of many, it seems exaggerated, but with a bit of creativity you will turn simple packaging into design objects
Candles Whether you love collecting those branded, scented, or just seemingly the best way to create the right atmosphere and relax, the candles are also a great idea of ​​furniture to be repositioned on coffee tables in the living room, bedside tables in the bedroom Or bath on the bath edge. Remember, once consumed, your favorites can be reused as a pen holder and make up brushes and small vessels.