l hate how something happens and l ball my eyes out for hours and then l have to go to school and act like nothing happens l hate how its an on going thing that happens everyday and now l also feel like shit at school feeling like lm alone even with a group full of people, l still have to put my earphone on before l break down in front of everyone l hate that lm not close with any family friends nor ''friends' so l have no one to rant too and that l live half my life in the hospital and l still never get visitors and how lll go on my phone for hours just waiting for someone to message me and it never happens l hate how l spend every hour at home if lm not at school because everyone else is busy and that gets me anxious cause l feel like they dont wanna hang out with me and that gets me thinking how lm not gonna have a good future with a job, family and friends, l just hate feeling because u start thinking and then u cant even late at night and then it starting eating at u and u stop doing good at school and you cut urself out from everyone and it kills u but u cant do anything...... l just hate feelings

sorry for this massive rant just needed to rant to someone even if u dont care xo