Hi guys ♥
how are you? Hope you're all doing great!

Today I'd like to tell you a bit more about me and what I like most.

Here's a list of 10 of my all time favourite things:

  • Colour: purple 💜
colors, flowers, and lilac image
  • Season: Spring
flowers, pink, and bike image
it is the perfect one to me: neither too hot nor to cold.
  • Animal: cat
cat, animal, and pink image
I have got two cats and I think they're so funny and cute ♥ I enjoy the way they behave and react.
  • Film: "Stand by me" (1986) by Rob Reiner.
80's, movie, and old pictures image
A very touching adventure film, which has really changed me. I've watched it so many times I've almost learnt it by heart.
  • Book: "Heart of Darkness" (1899) by Joseph Conrad
safari, place, and south africa image
Set in Congo during the Victorian Era, this novel deals with colonialism and racism, two very important and still topical issues. Joseph Conrad is one of my favourite writers and actually right now I'm reading another novel by him, which is called "Nostromo" (1904).
  • Food: blueberries
summer food yummy image
Once I begin, I can't stop eating them 🙈
  • Make up brand: Maybelline
eyeliner, makeup, and Maybelline image
I'd literally buy anything.
  • Cities: London and Oxford
london, Big Ben, and city image
They've got a magical atmosphere
  • youtuber: Zoella
zoella and zoe sugg image
Just watching a vlog or video of her makes me feel happy.
  • Actress: Cate Blanchett
cate blanchett, Elizabeth, and perfect image
This is a scene of the film "Elizabeth" (1998), about the life of Queen Elizabeth I Tudor.

Hope you enjoyed this article ☺
Wish you a very nice day and weekend ☻ xx