Traveling seems like such a dream for me! The thing is I'm too young, I want to go visit all these places, learn about different cultures, meet new people, try things "outside of the box" (or my box) but I have a couple problems: I can't afford it, I am too young, I wouldn't know where to go (or start even), I don't want to leave my family for a long time etc.
I found a couple solutions for this:

1. Do small jobs, look around places that interest you and just drop off a resume, babysit, walk people their dog (dog sitting seems like the perfect Saturday for me to be honest), clean cars, work in people's garden. (Of course it's best if you know them so I'd say ask some neighbors)
2. Just because you're too young doesn't mean you can't go anywhere, go to town with some friends, explore different cities which are still close by (personally I'm trying to convince my mom to let me go to London with some friends and I'm slowly getting there), plan things! I love planning because then you have something to look forward to in the future and you can start saving money for it!

3. again planning and making lists does wonders
4. you don't have to leave your family for a long time but if you want to travel around all of Asia (yes please) that will take a while, technology and internet is so wonderful when it comes down to this, my dad lives in a different country so I don't see him very often but we call, FaceTime, and text each other as much as possible.

Traveling seems like something everyone should do in their life. See the world, explore, find interest, new cultures.
There is a whole world out there.