Hello guys♥
This is something I like and what I would wear, so I hope you'll like it too♥

1 . Cropped t-shirt and shorts♥

fashion, outfit, and girl image

2 . Top and printed skirt♥

fashion, skirt, and outfit image

3 . Jumpsuit and playful accessories♥

accessories, black, and bracelet image

4 . Skirt and striped blouse♥

blouse, clothes, and fashion image

5 . Thin knit and embroidered skirt♥

fashion, outfit, and style image

6 . Top and flared jeans♥

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7 . White sneakers and printed dress♥

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8 . Tank top and maxi skirt♥

fashion, outfit, and skirt image

That's it for article♥
Much love♥

( @my_little_world__ )