So, maybe you are one of that kind of person, who already binge watches TV shows on a daily basis and you are looking for another show to finish within days.
Or maybe you are the kind of person, who doesn’t really know what binge watching even means, hasn’t watched any TV show besides Friends (which is okay, by the way) and just clicked on this article because… why not. (but seriously, it’s 2017, how would one not know what ‘binge watching’ means).
So for whatever reason, you decided to read this, hello, and welcome to a list of TV shows that I binge watched and you might want to binge watch too (I feel like I just did an intro to a youtube video, oh my god).

Let's start this party!

o1. Sherlock
o2. Supernatural
o3. How to Get Away With Murder
o4. Gossip Girl
o5. Degrassi - The next Generation
o6. Doctor Who
o7. Pretty Little Liars (at least until Season 4)
o8. American Horror Story
o9. Riverdale
1o. Teen Wolf (again, until Season 4)

I know, those are some TV shows that most people have at least heard of, but let me tell you something:

They're really good.

If you want me to talk about some of them in more detail, you can heart this article or leave me a message with which one i should talk about (or if you have any other ideas about what i should write about next).

I do have some anime recommandations, so expect that in the future.

For now, that's all i have to write~


(Here are the collections I have about some of those TV shows if you want to check those out)