Hi! My name is Crybaby (Not relly cri) anyway, Here are some facts about me. ik this isn't a article ;_; btw.

1. I love aesthetic shit.

2 I'm a Panic! At The Disco Fan.

3.I'm a Melanie martinez fan.

4.I'm a Twenty One Pilots fan.

5.I'm a Halsey Fan.

6.I have 1 dog and 2 Fish.

7.I can't spell.

8.I don't really like social medias tbh so I only have Amino.

9.I'm hungry and have nothing to eat so I'm probably gonna eat cereal after this * Insert Pedo Moon emoji*

10.I sound like a 5 year old and they added voice calls to amino and I had a call with my online frens ;-;.

thanks for reading ima go eat cereal so baiiiiii!