The week was very perplexing. I finally have time for myself but not that much. Does anyone have those moments where when they finish something others come up to busy you again? T_T

I wrote an entry for a Photo Essay, The cover is is what I used. It is a a photo I took of the sun setting over the far side of our school This is the final product.

Manga of the Week: Gakuen Babysitters

adorable, brothers, and kawaii image
Koutarou(the baby) and his older brother, Ryuuichi

This one's a knockout if you ask me. The mix of slice of life, school life, comedy, family, and such make it a manga you should read.

kotarou, gakuen babysitters, and ryuu image

The first chapter sucker punches you in the heart as the two brothers face the world alone having lost their parents. They are taken in by a Chairman(or woman, she's always referred to as chairman) of a school. The whole manga revolves around their new adjusting life in a new home and family.

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The characters are so lovable. They all have such color to them. They have their gags and their moments.
This is a story that moves mountains.

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Interesting Finds

This weeks finds were peculiar

anime, art, and boy image Image by Haruhi Fujioka anime and sekaiichi hatsukoi image illustration image

Also come collections:

Track title: 夢望斷 Broken Hopes and Dreams Performed by: 不是兔子不是貓 Composed/Arranged by: winky詩
"We met in the Spring
Loved during Summer
Said farewell in Fall
And died with Winter"

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