This is for the people who are sad or depressed because they are single. :)

I am 21 and I never had a partner, so I am single since I was born. I used to become depressed because I always wanted to have a man in my life and I always thought that I would never get someone, because I am not worth it and relationships are stressful. Also I always tried to be ok with this but my heart just wanted it (The heart wants what it wants). But now I reached my goal... Finally I really love and enjoy being single - See the positive sides!

Why you should enjoy being single?

Your bed only belongs to you!
Imagine that: You can sleep like a monster and you don't have to be concerned about your partner because he has less space than you or because your snoring could disturb him. You can fart and don't care! :D

You can have a crush on other people without feeling guilty!
I mean who would like to his partner to have a crush on somebody else - even you wouldn't like it, if you're a little bit jealous! So crush on other people as often as you want!

You don't have to make compromises...
You can go outside when you want, social networks, you can go where you want, you can watch what you want, you can travel as often as you want, you can do what you want, you can live where you want, you can eat what you want, you can !

Because you don't have a partner, you will never have the relationship dramas other taken people have!
Look at other couples... They argue sometimes and become depressed and concerned. Again they have to make compromises. If you're single, you don't have to worry about your partner leaving you and you don't have to endure these arguments - easy!

If you don't feel like having sexual intercourse, you don't have to do it!
You come home and are in a bad mood or you are tired and sleepy, you can just go straight to bed and sleeeeeep or chill and relax at home without thinking about it!

For the travelers!
You can travel with friends.. Travel alone.. Anytime you want! And only spend the money for yourself! You can go backpacking for weeks, months, years!

If you love being by yourself!
You love being by yourself, but you have to make time for your work, school, friends, family and also boyfriend/husband!!! Without a boyfriend/husband you don't have to make time for him! You can be and stay alone as much as you want and enjoy your time being alone! Because usually people make more time for your boyfriend than for your friends and family. Play video games all day long, watch Netflix, sleep, read etc.

No one gets jealous of another
The title says it all. Talk to who you want.. Or if you also like to: Flirt with whom you want. Also you don't have to worry because your boyfriend talked to his pretty work mate

Some people who are in a relationship envy you
Some people who are in a relationship love their partners but they envy you because they can't enjoy the same freedoms as you! Be proud of that ! Also some wish that they would have met their parnters much later, so they could do several things they can't do in a relationship!

You can let yourself go
Seriously!? This is the best thing ever! You can eat everything and just sit at home all day... and don't style yourself. And no one cares that you have gained weight! Or that you are a freaking lazy potate! You don't have to impress anybody and your jealousy doesn't grow because you gained weight!

If you didn't find yourself - you have time to find yourself
If you have a hard time or are in a phase where you are learning to love yourself, find yourself, and become more confident. You have all the time to do that! It is important to know who you are, what you want and what makes you happy and satisfied. At the end, you will be proud of yourself!

More time for your career
If you are a student or love your job. You have enough time to rest and study as much as you have to! You also are an independent woman / man! And some people see independent women as strong and enviable!

No one cheats on you
If you would have partner who will cheat on you, or break your heart, it can't happen. You don't have to endure this heartbreaking moment

You can be in a bad mood and don't have to worry about treating your partner nice
The title says it all

Influence yourself *Fake it until you make it*
Think several times a day that you are content with being single, think about all the positive sides, about the things that you can't do in a relationship and smile in the meantime! Tell yourself that being single is better, that it is awesome - Act like you believe it and talk about it like you believe it, until you really believe it!

So this is a reminder for everyone to be fine with being single, also for me!
Having a boyfriend is not everything in life. There is so much more in life and if the right boy/girl comes, then he will come. If not, then accept it and see the positive sides, the things you can't do when you're in a relationship!
But don't wait for the Mr. or Mrs. right... This is just time wasting. Think about other things and I am sure that you have other problems in your life to solve.
What's so wrong about being single? Being single is awesome!!!

Be strong + especially BE CONTENT about that situation! And learn to LOVE YOURSELF! I am a work in progress too