This afternoon, with a cup of coffee in my hand, I finished Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Let me tell you, this book was a twisting and turning plot of criminals, gore, money and badass characters.
The writing style was so darkly poetic and absolutely captivating.
Let's talk about the characters:

Kaz Brekker: Literally the perfect mix of mysterious, sarcasm and intelligence. Also, bonus points for the epic cane and leather gloves.

Inej Ghafa: Legit the baddest gal in this book. Inej is so cool and I ship her and Kaz so much :)

Nina Zenik: Such a queen and she was so brave to put her life on the line for everyone else's.

Matthias Helvar: Started off as a douchebag, ended up being such a sweetheart. Also, when Nina asked him to stay when she was on jurda and he said "always and forever" I almost died.

Wylan: Such a smol bean who deserved a better father.

Jesper: Made some stupid mistakes but love him and Wylan together.

Overall, I love that this book has memorable characters and especially the fact that it didn't have actual romance in it which was super refreshing. I was so not expecting Van Ecke to betray Kaz and I was shooketh when Inej was taken by the Grisha. The only complaint I have about this book is that at the start I was a little confused about the world because there are references to her Shadow and Bone trilogy. But, after a while, I was enthralled.
Get your hands on this bad boy and read it!

je vous aime tous