Every day, millions of people are trapped in wars that aren’t of their own making. Meanwhile, the world isn’t doing enough to stop their suffering. This World Humanitarian Day, we demand world leaders do everything in their power to protect the millions of civilians caught in armed conflict.
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This World Humanitarian Day we bring attention to the millions of civilians affected by armed conflict every day. People in cities and towns struggle to find food, water, and safe shelter, while fighting drives millions from their homes. Children are recruited and used to fight, and their schools are destroyed. Women are sexually abused by fighters, then shamed by their villages. As humanitarian workers deliver aid, and medical workers treat the wounded and sick, they are directly targeted, treated as threats, and prevented from bringing relief and care to those in desperate need.

Image by Assmae Belmekki

The humanitarian concerns described here can’t possibly capture the lives of all those affected by conflict around the world. From people with disabilities to the elderly, migrants, and journalists, all civilians caught in conflict need to be protected. Please sign the petition demanding world leaders do everything in their power to protect all civilians in conflict.

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